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Our mission


How can nature and house building be optimally combined for the benefit of the inhabitants and the environment?


My name is Frank. For many years I have been allowed to be a guest on Mallorca with my family and enjoy the beautiful nature and the gracious hospitality of the Mallorcans.
Over the years, however, one also recognizes the problems on the island such as rising rent and real estate prices, rising costs for water and electricity, water shortage in the summer, more and more concrete buildings, lack of housing, increasing car emissions.
This development is not good, not good for Mallorca and certainly not for the residents.
Together with my wife Elisabeth and committed local partners, we have therefore developed an idea.
Our goal is to build sustainable, energy-efficient, ecological and healthy houses.
With GAIA Living, we have developed this idea into a viable concept. After long research, analysis and learning, we are now in the process of implementing Mallorca’s first truly sustainable home on Calle Aragon in Palma de Mallorca.

About BIC Mallorca


BIC Mallorca is named Balear Immobilien Consult GmbH & Co. KG and is a German real estate company based in Palma de Mallorca.

We see ourselves first and foremost as property developers and estate agents. Our expert team buys real estate and renovates and restores apartment buildings, villas, fincas and apartments in Mallorca. We realise individual building projects according to customer wishes. Our focus is always on a sustainable basic idea. In our work we want to make a contribution to the inhabitants and the nature of Mallorca.

Our services


Workout projects

For credit companies, insurance companies or insolvency administrators it is very important to transfer valuable real estate projects or properties from non-performing loans to specialists like we are. We carry out redevelopments and develop optimization strategies to improve the marketing possibilities of a project. We also develop new concepts and reliable rental structures.

Property valuation

The location and the condition of every project is a very elementary factor for the valuation of your property. In Mallorca’s real estate market you can find sometimes unprofessional price calculations for real estate objects. A competent assessment and evaluation of a property is the basis for a realistic buying or selling decision. This is what we offer.

Project Development 

We analyze attractive properties, develop and conceptualize real estate projects in Mallorca. For construction we use high-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, exclusive pool landscapes, designer kitchens and individual interiors. The standarts are just as much a part of our service as a interior design made just for you.