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Let’s make room for health and sustainability.

Thanks to modern construction technology, luxurious living and energy-saving environmental awareness are no longer a contradiction in terms. In recent years, scientific developments in the building sector have opened up completely new possibilities for energy-conscious, health-promoting and sustainable construction without having to sacrifice comfort. GAIA Living now brings this technology to Mallorca.

With the A180 building project – a house with 19 apartments located in Calle Aragon 180 in Palma de Mallorca – we are turning our vision of sustainable living into reality.
After initially taking measurements of wind and air behaviour, acoustics, light and solar radiation on the property for over a year, we are looking forward to celebrating the arrival of the Mallorcan residents soon.

A180 in the urban and rural landscape

The house on Calle Aragon is located in a privileged and easily accessible location in Palma de Mallorca. With clear views of the city and the mountains on one side and light and sunshine on the other side, the house is open to the summer embat (sea breeze). This ventilates the house and ensures a pleasant temperature drop in summer.

The use of cooling and shady plants and natural building materials creates a cool atmosphere on hot days and insulates in cold winter months. Original elements such as pergolas, open water surfaces and terraces have been incorporated into the modern architecture and create a balanced climate in the garden and house.

Ancient knowledge in modern architecture

Inner courtyards provide shade, offer space for plants and water features. As such they have their origin in the architecture of many warm countries. In Mallorca, the design of Arab baths was turned away and used in numerous villas and estates to reduce the summer heat. For the courtyard of the A180 building project we have found our model in the design of the Son Real monastery. The inner courtyard is an inviting space all year round. A surrounding veranda invites you to enjoy the shady and green quiet place.

An oasis of peace in the middle of the city

For us, home is a place of relaxation. Good living offers comfort and relaxation. As such, it is a special challenge to shield the apartments in the middle of the city from the surrounding everyday noise. As such, we have carried out acoustic studies on sound insulation. The task of sound insulation is to contain the noise by interrupting the mechanical vibrations. In timber construction, components are always composed of several layers. This means that the sound is subjected to multiple resistance on its way between the components. Through targeted barriers in the house, continuous sound transmitting structures are broken up. In this way, our apartments offer privacy and tranquillity without cutting off the residents from the life of Mallorca.