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Good, healthy, sustainable – the foundation of our construction projects.


Thanks to state-of-the-art construction technology, luxurious living and energy-saving environmental awareness are no longer a contradiction in terms. In recent years, scientific developments in the building sector have opened up completely new possibilities for energy-conscious, health-promoting and sustainable construction without having to sacrifice comfort. GAIA Living now brings this technology to Mallorca.

All construction elements are prefabricated in highly technical industrial companies with the latest machine technology. This guarantees a dimensional accuracy and quality that cannot be achieved on the building site with conventional construction methods. In the production halls there is an even air humidity and room temperature, so that wood can always be processed regardless of the weather and a consistently high product quality is achieved.

GAIA Living has further developed timber construction as the basis for building residential houses. Wood is the basic material source in our buildings. The woods used are renewable and CO2-binding ecological building materials that ensure a healthy atmosphere. All woods are certified and guaranteed to come from sustainable cultivation. In our work, we are actively committed to sustainable management. The trees planted in courtyards and outside areas provide shade, shelter and resting places.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panels are our concrete of the future: 

The CLT panels we use are a market innovation on Mallorca and will decisively change the future building physics. Dried solid wood is glued crosswise and pressed under high pressure into stable and aesthetic panels. These can be used directly in the supporting structure of buildings and form the complete superstructure of the building. Due to the density, not only is the stability unusually high, but also the insulating effect is particularly good. No additional vapour barrier is required and the fire resistance does not suffer either. Nevertheless, the wood regulates the natural moisture content in the house by diffusion.

GAIA Living uses cork panels for insulation and façade cladding. The manual extraction of cork bark from native cork forests guarantees gentle intervention and sustainable forestry without damaging the tree. A special heating process melts the biopolymer suberin, which is found in the cell structure of cork, and acts as a natural binder. The material can thus be formed into stable panels in a completely natural way without chemical additives. Even if it is exposed to the weather and environmental influences on the outer wall of the façade, cork does not need any elaborate care and can be easily reused.

Water is not only a basic prerequisite for the growth of our environment and building materials, and as a natural resource it is limited and precious. Clean water is also vital for us.

GAIA Living therefore supplies its residents with purified drinking water, directly from the water pipe. Hot water is provided in an energy-saving way by using solar energy.
Technologies such as low-consumption shower heads and mixer taps including aerators add air bubbles to the tap water, and water-saving WC cisterns ensure lower consumption of fresh water despite the highest level of hygiene.