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Building up the future of healthy living.

Giving health and sustainability a beautiful shelter.

GAIA Living is the project for sustainable development in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.
Enjoy the luxury of living in harmony with nature. The construction of the residential house A180 is our showcase for demand and perfection.

GAIA Living is for all residents of the Balearic Islands who have chosen to live a vision of mindfulness and sustainability already now. We are already working on further construction projects on Mallorca.

We build sustainable houses individually adapted to the harmony with the Balearic nature. Local expertise and the use of natural local materials make every home a conscious experience.

Come in and let yourself be taken on a new adventure.


Nowadays, thanks to the latest construction technology, the definition of a luxorious living style and and being environmentally aware are not a contradiction any more. These past years, the technological advances in the construction industry have opened up many new opportunities to build energy consciously, healthy and sustainable, without having to forego any comfort. GAIA-LIVING is bringing this technology to Majorca.

​What does GAIA-LIVING mean?
Who are we?

My name is Bernd and I have been visiting Majorca regularly for more than 30 years. Soon I had realized that I would be living on this beautiful island with its wonderful people. My family and I have been living on Majorca for four years now and we have been able to enjoy the beautiful nature and our majorcan friends  – a dream has come true.

But… while living here one starts to notice the problems the islands is suffering of, as for example the steadily increasing rent and building prices, the increasing water and energy costs, the water shortage during summer, more and more concrete buildings, the lack of living space, more and more smog…

This evolution is not good, not for Majorca and even less for its residents.

I knew that Frank, my best friend of more than 50 years, is very close to nature and environmentally conscious. Him and his wife Elisabeth, an architect, invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly projects as plastics recycling and development projects in Ghana. I have invited Frank and Elisabeth to Majorca and explained to them and showed them the different problems. Then and there the idea was born of building sustainable, energetically efficient and healthy houses.

But how to combine nature and building for the good of the residents and the environment?


In the Greek Mythology, GAIA is the mother of all gods and the goddess of the earth and all nature, where all life finds its origin. We create a simbiosis betewwn GAIA, the source of nature, and modern life. In all the years of real estate boom, the main objective of many developers has only been their financial gain, without being mindful of quality, sustainability, the environment or the well-being of the building’s residents. The World Health Organization WHO has been talking about illnesses and health problems, which appear because of the materials utilized in construction, such as asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, respiratory diseases, fatigue, eye disease or even cancer.

According to scientific studies, the air in indoor spaces is up to five times more harmful than in the open. In Spain, almost 12% of children suffer from athma, which can mostly be linked to toxic exposure inside buildings, especially since in general we spend almost 80% of our lives inside, in schools, at work or at home.

Gaia Living puts the residents health first, for all relevant factors for their health, such as temperature, humidity, noise pollution, chemical particles, air quality, lighting, energy consumption and general comfort have been studied and analyzed by us.

GAIA Living is our vision, to reconcile sustainable, energy efficient building, taking into account the necessities of the residents, the environment and the future demand. We are convinced, that our vision is good for Majorca and its inhabitants.